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Kiddy Care Playschool

Licensed Child Care Learning Facility in CT

Kiddy Care Playschool is an Early learning program accredited by the National Association of Family Child Care (NAFCC) and licensed by the State of CT. Our license allows us for up to 9 children -from 4 months to 5 years old at one time, plus 3 children before and after school.

Kiddy Care Playschool

What Sets Us Apart

With close to four decades of experience, our low child-to-teacher ratio ensures a comfortable home atmosphere for Infants and Toddlers with individualized care to facilitated all around development. It easy to get to Kiddy Care Playschool, we are in a quiet neighborhood, set back from the road with plenty of lawn and a fenced-in play area with a variety age-appropriate toys and equipment.


Kiddy Care Playschool
Kiddy Care Playschool


A few of our families are sharing their experiences with Kiddy Care! Check out our testimonials below!

One of the most difficult things you can do as a first-time parent is finding a daycare you can trust to leave your child with. Someone who you believe will love and care for them as if they were their own, and that is what we have found with Kiddy Care Playschool. The Kiddy Care staff has cared for our son for nearly 3 years, and now our daughter as well. Each day is filled with learning, free play, exploring the outdoors, and lots of love. We could not be more grateful for the care that our children have received.

Calle Cosentino - Henry & Mila

Our now 7-year-old went to Kiddy Care for nearly three years, and we could not have been happier with the place. He had separation anxiety when he first started, but Cecilia and Claudia were always so patient with him and accommodated all his needs. He grew up in a home-like environment, while Cecilia reinforced his social skills, independence, and creativity. We absolutely loved the amount of time he got to spend outdoors with his friends and to this day remember the summer times when he would be enjoying an ice cream or a popsicle with his 'Nana' at pickup time. The graduation parties and the talent show were always the highlight of the year. So many fond memories of the place!!! 

Spoorthy – Ray

One the best decisions my husband Dan and I ever made for our children was to send them to Kiddy care for their early years. Each of our three children joined Kiddy care as infants and stayed with Nana for four or five years. For close to 10 years Dan and I started and ended our days at Kiddy care - by far the best parts of our days. We always felt comfortable leaving our children in such a safe, loving, and nurturing environment. Each of our children entered Kindergarten ready to learn and with a confidence that we attribute to their time at Kiddy care. It is a magical place for young children.

Bridget & Dan Fox - Elly, Tommy & Maura

My son and then my daughter attended Kiddy Care from the time they were infants to toddlers. We were so grateful for the personalized attention and home-like environment that Cecilia and Claudia provided to our kids. They were nurtured in a safe place and we always felt they were being well take care of. They listened to lots of books, played outside, made friends, sang songs, ate meals around a table together, celebrated holidays and birthdays and most importantly, were happy to go to school each day. We feel so lucky that we found this high-quality childcare center and great teachers right in our neighborhood. My kids have started school in a new town, but we still visit!

Vanessa Hurta – Jack & Sydney

My daughter was at Kiddy Care for three years beginning at 6 months of age. Since the first day I met Cecilia, I knew that this was the right place for us. From the moment I dropped her off for the first time, I knew she would be loved and well cared for. My child was always happy to go there and see all her buddies and Claudia and Cecilia. Even when we moved to Norwalk, I still did the drive because I honestly believed this was a special place and one that could provide the best environment for my daughter. kind. I will always have the greatest gratitude for Cecilia and Claudia for all the wonderful times and experiences Gabrielita had in her early years.

Natasha Villarroel - Gabrielita.

Our daughter has been with Kiddy care for almost two years while we lived in Stamford, CT. What a warm and happy atmosphere amongst the children and staff! A real family-oriented playschool with a lot of experience and education as foundation. We loved all the projects, talent shows, fieldtrips and especially that the children could play outside every day. THANKS a lot for making our stay much more memorable, Kiddy care is truly a special place to be a child.

Mia & Rasmus Jensen - Filippa Copenhagen, Denmark

We have been part of the Kiddy care family for the past 6 years. Both of my daughters have benefited greatly from their experiences at Kiddy care. What I value the most as a parent is the influence Kiddy care has had on the level of confidence my daughters have in them. Not only does Kiddy care encourage children to use their imaginations through play and creative art projects, but they also lay the foundation for strong, confident kids through the art of performance. Kiddy care has never wavered from their commitments to the children that have passed through their program and I for one am grateful that we have had the opportunity to share it.

Jessica & Gian St. Angelo - Mia and Bella

Our children have been at Kiddy Care since they were 4 months old, and we have had a wonderful experience. The caring, family environment has provided them with the security they need to learn and develop, and we have been impressed with the variety of social and educational opportunities throughout the year. We will always value our family's experience with Kiddy Care.

Jen and Scott Vanderwall - Ryan and Casey

Kiddy Care is an excellent facility! As working parents, we feel blessed having found Kiddy Care. They provide a nurturing and loving environment for all the children who attend. In addition, they offer parent’s night out, field trips, special events such as children plays, Christmas party, Halloween party and so much more. The best part about Kiddy Care is the special attend they give all the children and provide daily reports to the parents. I highly recommend Kiddy Care to any Parent who is considering childcare.

Ruvie Martinez/Rebecca Bleiman - Olivia and Jay

I cannot say enough about Kiddy Care. I feel truly blessed to have found them. Cecilia and her staff really go the extra mile in caring for children. They do so many activities with the kids based on their age and ability. I have two children and my youngest goes to Kiddy Care. With my first child, I used three other day cares and I can honestly say this is the best. At Kiddy Care, it is not just babysitting. The kids sing songs, do art and science projects. Learn about nature, etc., etc. All in the name of FUN!

Treacy & Stanley Wells – Kaitlyn

Our Kiddy Care experience has been beyond what we ever imagined. Cecilia and her team fill the day with music and dancing, reading and crafts that really focus on the children’s development and social skills. Our son has learned so much from watching and interacting with his friends. The children spend healthy time outside year-round, take field trips and celebrate the holidays in style. We could not wish for a more wonderful experience!

Gwen and Mathew Kochan – Taylor

I am a first-time mom of a little boy. I came to kiddy care through reference of a friend since I was looking for a place where he could learn and play but also not be exposed to such many children from such a young age (9 months old at the time). He is now 3 years old and has been enrolled consecutively. For me kiddy care has been the perfect way of slowly adapting my child to a school environment. Claudia is very loving and super sweet. Cecilia the owner is exceptionally good at making sure everything is well kept, she teaches the children, keeps in touch with parents and constantly shares videos and pictures showing their daily activities and projects. Kiddy care is highly organized and one big thing for me... super clean! I highly recommend this school if your someone looking to ease your way into having your child in the hands of others. You will feel at home, safe and not like you are dropping them off at a school or large institution. You will love the trips, Christmas meetings and celebrations because you get to meet the other parents and children and get to see your child’s Interaction with classmates. Kiddy care is a great place and I think I could not have chosen better. It fit my needs and exceeded my expectations.

Alison Dominguez – Diego

I have known Cecilia Montero of Stamford CT since September 1989. Ms. Montero provided day care services to my children for 5 years. During that time, Ms. Montero was always kind, warm and loving with my children. Ms. Montero is a highly creative, energetic, and hard-working individual who always took great pride in her work. I believe she would be successful in any line of work she wishes to pursue.

Martha and Roger Jackson - Kaitlin and Kelly